State of Higher Ed Website & Marketing Technology

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The State of Higher Education Website & Marketing Technology is an industry deep-dive into the world of higher ed WebOps, MarTech, and cross-campus digital collaboration capturing data on website and marketing technology, organizational structure, strategic priorities, measurement, performance, and more.

We surveyed nearly 200 CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, Directors of Digital, and other professionals in charge of their institution's Website & Marketing Technology from 4-year, nonprofit colleges and universities in the U.S. The study is brought to you by SimpsonScarborough in partnership with Pantheon and Siteimprove.

Our report will be relevant to anyone working in the marketing or IT functions in higher education, especially as institutions look to increase collaboration, integration, and agility across their campus. The findings will shed light on how institutions are leveraging their technology stacks and formulating data strategies to underpin these initiatives, all in the pursuit of becoming digital-first brands.